Quicksilver Reef Pontoon Specifications

Quicksilver Reef Pontoon is a valued Customer from English Marine Engineering Cairns Australia

Quicksilver Reef Pontoon

Moored off Port Douglas, Cairns, Australia

Launched 1996

Quicksilver Reef Pontoon Specifications


  • Moored off Port Douglas, Cairns, Australia
  • Weight  Approx. 230 t
  • Overall Length 49.5m
  • Overall width 23.4 m
  • Draft 4.0 m
  • Multi-levels
  • Capacity 500 persons


  • Liberal suitable wheel chair access
  • Sundeck
  • Seated undercover dining area
  • Enclosed introductory dive area
  • Spacious Under Water Observatory
  • Several Snorkeling Platforms
  • Undercover Food Servery
  • Vessel docking finger
  • Change rooms
  • Showers

↑ Quick Silver spacious
under water observatory

↑ Aerial of the Quicksilver Reef Pontoon in Port Douglas


Quicksilver semi submersible submarine | Build by English Marine Engineering, Cairns, Australia

↑ One of several Quicksilver
semi submersible submarine

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