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was established in Cairns in 1978 by Pat English and has grown to be a world leader in the construction of aluminum boats, reef pontoons, semi-submarines & transfer boats and has been responsible for the structural steel construction of major projects in the CBD of Cairns, such as the Cairns Harbour Lights apartment complex and the Cairns Zoom Challenge Course within the Wildlife Dome of the Reef Hotel Casino.


Over the many years English marine Engineering have also produces International Marine Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel constructions for major projects Like boats, Pontoons, Fishing boats, Marine Jetties, Ocean observatory and semi submersible coral viewing boats we just mention a few :


  • Sabah, Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia reef pontoon by english Marine Engineering, Cairn, Australia
  • Caribbean Islands, Many Semi-submarine Coral Viewers
  • Guam, 46 passenger Semi-Submarine One model of our Semi-Submersible Submarines Constructed by English Marine Engineering, Cairns, Australia
  • Mauritius, 34 passenger semi-Submarine One model of our Semi-Submersible Submarines Constructed by English Marine Engineering, Cairns, Australia
  • Cook Islands, Several Commercial Tuna Boat up to 22 Meter
  • Borneo, 500 pax Pontoon Dynamic  (second largest on the world) Largest reef activity pontoon of Southeast Asia. Constructed by English Marine Engineering, Cairns Australia
  • Nouméa, 12m Lloyd’s class Super-viewer Super viewer | Glass Bottom Boat constructed by English Marine Engineering, Cairns, Australia
  • Papua New Guinea, 30 passenger – 9m Glass Bottom Boat


Aluminum Boat Building – Marine Repairs and Maintenance – Mobile Welding – Commercial Marine Projects including Outer Reef Pontoons, Helicopter Pontoons, Glass Bottom Boats, Transit Boats, Semi-Submarine Coral Viewers as well as aluminum custom crafts.

We and our customer are proud with the latest Aluminium Reef Pontoon construction soon to be delivered.

Please click here to see for your self.

Australia’s first luxury underwater hotel

is Designed, Engineered and Fabricated by English Engineering Cairns and finished in 2020

Our latest astonishing, beautiful  project is the latest Reef Pontoon with 5 star rooms 4 meter below the water level.


Australia’s first underwater hotel opens on the Great Barrier Reef.

Visitors to the Great Barrier Reef will be able to literally immerse themselves in the natural wonder overnight following the opening of Australia’s first underwater accommodation.


English Marine Engineering also provide services to conduct site surveys, market research and advice on tourism ventures, as it has the experience as a semi-submarine/coral viewing producer and operator.


Experience that counts!


The definition of skill is making a complicated task look easy.


The team from English Engineering are an extremely skilled group of people creating more than satisfactory and pleasing results in production and Service. Certified aluminum welders by the Marine Board of Queensland are also available for general welding and for critical areas of vessels under survey.